Crime Puzzles
M. Diane Vogt

Crime Puzzles

30 murderous crime riddles

Published on 27.09.2021

108 pages

156 mm x 206 mm

Translated by: Ute Löwenberg

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4420-6


  • 60 second crime riddles for hobby detectives
  • Discover your investigative skills: 30 mysterious cases wait for you to solve them!
  • Written by US-author and jurist Diane Vogt

Solve the crime riddles! As a chief investigator, you will look over the shoulder of a forensic pathologist during the autopsy, listen carefully to the testimonies of witnesses and carefully evaluate all the gory details before drawing your conclusions and answering the question found at the end of each mystery. Logical thinking, good deductive skills and a keen eye for telltale details are required to solve the puzzles. So get ready, because only your detective skills can prevent the criminals from striking again! 

M. Diane  Vogt
M. Diane Vogt

Ute Löwenberg
Ute Löwenberg

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