Annette Maas, Miro Poferl

Climate on a plate

Published on 24.03.2020

Reading level: 10 years

80 pages

266 mm x 200 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3447-4


• Create consciousness about the link between our food and climate
• Shows the results of current eating habits on our health

Our diet and food choices affect the environment in more ways than one might realize. How does a sandwich for lunch count into our environmental footprint? Why does simple strawberry yoghurt have to travel 9000 km and why is the soybean important for the rainforest? To keep up with our current way of eating, we would need 1,7 earths. However, we only have one.

Annette Maas
Annette Maas

Miro Poferl
Miro Poferl
Umwelt-Buch des Monats Juli 2020
Izabella Markiewicz, Annette Maas

Insect Hotel

We share our world with a multitude of insects that we still have a lot to learn about. Did you know that dragonflies can reach a speed of 50 km/h or that the lemon butterfly can survive the icy cold winter thanks to a built-in anti-freeze fluid? There is much more to learn about the insects and how import it is for our environment to preserve them. Perfect insight into a bug's life!

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Horst Hellmeier, Annette Maas


Travel around the world, past and present, to visit fascinating underground locations from humans and animals alike. See what worlds have been created beneath the surface, below our feet. Learn about their creation and purpose with interesting information displayed in a playfull manner.

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