Alexander von Knorre, Sarah Welk

Chaos Brothers - Cheers to us!

Published on 25.02.2022

Reading level: 7 years

128 pages

214 mm x 158 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4514-2


  • Funny series from bestselling author and the best daily life observer Sarah Welk
  • Entertaing short chapters with quirky illustrations, perfect for early readers
  • The most hilarious everyday life comedy that is familiar to every child

Meet the three brothers Henry, Bela and Ben! Parents watch out! They always have the most crazist ideas and gags you could never have imaged. 

This time, they are fighting for their favorite comic figures. The collection has to be complete: The most royal king and the queen. Most exklusive. And everybody knows, real figures are way better than cards, pictures or whatsoever. They just look better. Luckily, Choas Brother have a perfect plan! 

Alexander von Knorre
Alexander von Knorre

Sarah Welk
Sarah Welk
Sarah Welk, Alexander von Knorre

School trip with Grandpa

9-year-old Jonas has got the world´s coolest grandpa. Every time when things get wrong, Grandpa always gets ideas up his sleeves. And this time, Opa is about to save Jonas´s school trip.   

Nobody is more strict than Jonas class teacher. As he breaks his leg right before the school trip, Jonas´s Grandpa has to jump in, in keeping with the metto: chill and have fun. A hiking tour turns unexpectedly into a beach party, a personal house concert against homesickness. And there is the most unforgettable farewell party. Grandpa just rocks.

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Sarah Welk, Alexander von Knorre

Red Code, We're Moving

Meet the three brothers Henry, Bela and Ben! Living altogether with their parents in a tiny apartment isn’t easy. Especially for Bela, who has to share his bedroom with his annoying little brother Ben…. Mommy and Daddy have been looking for a new apartment for a long time, but cannot find anything that matches their needs. What a pity! But when Bela learns that an apartment is going to be available, he has the best idea ever: visit it with his brothers. But without their parents, they could scupper their plans!

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