Janne Nilsson, Sandra Reckers

Bruno Barker and The Sausage Robbery

Published on 01.03.2021

Reading level: 8 years

192 pages

220 mm x 152 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-3545-7


• Perfect gift for pet owners and other animal lovers
• Short chapters making it easy for first readers
• Lots of funny pictures by Sandra Reckers

Ever since they founded their dog gang, Bruno Barker, Bubi and Balduin are looking for adventures. Always on the hunt for food, their motto is ‘one for all, all for one’. Their latest secret plan: the biggest sausage theft ever! But there is a problem: Sissi, the cat next door, who desperately wants to join the gang …

Janne Nilsson
Janne Nilsson

Sandra Reckers
Sandra Reckers
Janne Nilsson, Sandra Reckers

Bruno Barker and the barking ghosts

The old castle in the park is said to be haunted! This does not only excite humans. Bruno and his pack take this chance to go on a dangerous adventure. Where-as the five dogs and Sissi, the cat, start their ghost-hunting trip, half of the town gathers at the park. But sadly, things don’t work out as planned. The pack is very disappointed after that eventful scratchy night. If the people demand ghosts, they shall see ghosts! Vicious ghosts with paws.

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Janne Nilsson, Sandra Reckers

Bruno Barker and His Wild Gang

Bruno Barker is tired of being the cute little family dog. Lying around all day, waiting for food … Bruno wants some action! So Bruno decides to build a dangerous gang, because gangs always end up in adventures. He is joined by his friends Bubi and Balduin and even though they are a rather small gang, they cause a lot of trouble!

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