Are you hurt, my dear? The comfort fairy is here.
Aleksandra Szmidt, Joschi Mühl

Are you hurt, my dear? The comfort fairy is here.

Published on 20.10.2022

Reading level: 18 months

12 pages

175 mm x 175 mm

ISBN: 978-3-8458-4871-6


  • With 11 atmospheric sounds 
  • A very interactive and immersive series
  • Slide element changes sound on each page

Little mishaps happen to the animals in the forest. The centipede twists his toe. The beaver's tree trunk falls on his head and the bear stumbles and plops into the lake with a loud splash. And what does the little comforter fairy do? Move the slider and let yourself be surprised! This atmospheric first picture book on the subject of comforting brings a smile to the faces of toddlers aged 18 months and over.

Aleksandra  Szmidt
Aleksandra Szmidt

Joschi  Mühl
Joschi Mühl
Aleksandra Szmidt, Joschi Mühl

Cock-a-doodle-doo, Mr. Rooster, Good Morning to You!

Farmer Rosemary lives on the farm with her cows, sheep and dog. But today everything goes wrong. First she oversleeps and then she trips over Gunther the farm dog's bowl. But that is not all. When she wants to feed the chickens, she slips and slides straight into the flock! And what does the funny rooster do? This lovingly and richly detailed illustrated cardboard picture book features a realistic sound element on every page. In addition, a slide can be moved on each page to reveal a colourful rooster, each of which makes another surprising sound to round off the scene. The rhymed story makes for perfect shared reading time.

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